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​​Plenty started five years ago with a simple concept: quality without the cost.  


Our goal is to disprove two common misconceptions:

1. Healthy and wholesome food tastes bland.

2. Food made from scratch without preservatives must cost more.

The cost of living has risen at an alarming rate over the few years, so we strive to keep our costs

lower because a delicious healthy diet should be available for everybody.

Plenty is our solution.  No frills...just good food.

Whether you're on the go, or plan to make a top-notch meal at home, Plenty can help.

I hope you enjoy our food and feel great!

Introducing a new way to cook At-Home.

We're soon be offering a unique way to have restaurant quality and flavors in the comforts of your home.  Always have hot and freshly cooked meals with nearly zero preparation.  You'll never need to measure, slice, or dirty your kitchen.


Cooked in vacuum, your food is sealed fresh.


Order your meals online or subscribe and never worry about missing a great meal.

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Pick up

Pick up your order at Plenty.  (Delivery is coming soon)


Just a few minutes with an oven or pot of water, and you're ready to enjoy your hot meal.

How it Works

Chefs Discussing over Food


A BIG step ahead

Our packaging and unique cooking methods allows us to naturally preserve the moisture and flavor of food. Our At-Home menu is fully cooked, and unopened packages can last up to 2 weeks in the fridge. Meats and many other items can also be frozen without hurting the texture or the flavor.


Our durable bags are FDA-grade, BPA-free, freezer & microwave safe, and 100% recyclable.

Cooking            Simplified

Oven - Open Door.jpg


Boiling water.jpg

Pot of Water

The only appliances you'll need




We plan to launch a delivery program soon.  For now, orders must be picked up from our location. 

We're concerned with lowering our carbon footprint, so our delivery system will be based on Social Hubbing.  Once we have enough customers within a small area, volunteers can choose to become a "hub" for nearby customers to pickup their orders.  Volunteers will receive a free meal and discounts for helping everybody do their part for our environment.

For updates or more info on Social Hubbing, subscribe to our Newsletter

Mexican Meal

Eat it Hot

The way it was made to be eaten


Multi-course Meals

Zero Preservatives



            No measuring.

                     No peeling.  

                              No cutting. 

      Just add the heat.

Eating a Meal


Host parties with friends and family

with ease

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